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home airbrush work

outside of jewel box open box collar and braclettes made from a belt
i could never find a jewery box with enough neclace hooks. so i got a old silver set box refinished and gutted and stained it, relined it and add a laminated a print and then added lots of extra hooks while looking for plain leather belt, found this one design and made a set
ring box open ring box designed bracelettes, burned and made from a belt
needed a big enough ring box to keep them all together so i just made my own. used a wooden box with dish sponges and some fabric i had left over. burned and painted my own design by putting two owther outlines together. have such a hard time finding leather braclettes without studs and/or skulls so picked up a plain leather belt and made my own and burned my own design to them
1st purse 2nd purse close up
had a specific design in mind and found only one but made with very stiff leather and over $100. so i recieved some soft leather from the back of a couch and made one. wore out the first one, so i redesigned to be deeper but with a half depth pocket so more room but still able to find stuff again blended 2 outlined drawings to make a design and burn it on
dreamcatcher dreamcatcher dreamcatcher
had the small piece of lether witha design already pressed in i designed this one around that with the longer feathers with sheen. a dreamcatcher laying flat trimed in prism cystals a pretty in pink simple dreamcatcher for grandbaby, girl
smudging feathers i reuse wax and make candles finished choker, figured out the pattern and made my own
smudge feathers, couldn't see the point buying them with the assortment of feathers i already had, so decorated a couple, one for me and one for a friend i love candles and always have one burning so to keep it economical i started making my own with old candles dripped in dish. recycling wax saves on the cost so then i can buy the big blocks and make some fancy ones and start all over love this choker bought years ago, it eventually stretched out and needed new one. could not find them anywhere and even had friends looking all over. so i sat one night and worked out the pattern and made myself and friends sets of chocker, bracelette and rings. now just have to find black fishing line at the right gauge

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