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other creations cheetah body paint and shoot


goth shoot goth shoot naughty school girl naughty schoolgirl final
finished look skindeep melting face skull side melted face melted side
paint snake skin accent finished look snake skin accent painted zombie finished look zombie
blue corpse im opening up to you Deadpool challenge
broken lizard face green ivy gargoyal
stylized candy skull sunshine accent tiger rainbow mask
Looking for a sign male candy skull face clawed lady leopard
Decided to try my hand at sculpture stylized candy skull starry zipper styled green
galaxy zipper on the sea papa's cub papa tiger
green beauty split mask rainbow zipper cupcake
green side split sugar skull red side
male candy skull candy couple profile
black line design daisy trail shamrock trail resplit sugar skull
candy skull red trimmed candy skull blue candy skull blue male candy skull
canada day clown cheeta first zombie black line design

Face Paint Parties and Events
I am available for parties and events. email me for details and prices.
special thanks to all these children for sitting still and sharing a great day with me,
also for having their pictures up on my site, if any of you would like a full size copy of ur picture please feel free to email me

paw patrol logo purple tiger
black kitty puppy poop emoji owl
pink poop emoji blue waves butterfly mask turtle
mini crown butterfly mask spotted puppy butterfly mask
spiderman dragon mask unicorn tmnt
purple flower mini crown kitty cat rainbow swish
princess cat super hero demon rose crown
turtle diva swirl rainbow swish unicorn
minion dragon mask rainbow swirl butterfly mask
hearts eye design puppy blue jays logo yin yang with snakes
purple flowers rainbow swish butterfly mask butterfly mask
rose crown daisy train rainbow swish turtle
heart eye design dolphin diva swirl batman pair
purple tiger pink whale blue squid spiderman
batman avenger snake mouth black stylized design
blue waves tmnt diva swirl butterfly mask
diva swirl rainbow swish ladybug mini crown
dice dragon blue wild cat spiderman
pink flower princess tmnt diva swirl
spiderman kitty cat pink stylized design turtle with some bling
rainbow swirl purple flowers batman mini crown
spiderman batman rainbow swish blue waves
dragon mask turtle blue lion mini crown
kitty cat web and spiders diva swirl spidergirl
unicorn unicorn princess rose crown
dragon mask rose rose heart w/arrow
princess blue waves thomas the engine diva swirl
dragon mask butterfly mask batman winged heart
diva swirl spiderman wolverine rainbow swish
rainbow swish rainbow swish spotted puppy wolverine
blue jays logo blue jays logo blue lion wiskers
cheetah eye yoda spider stylized design
zebra eye cheetah eye stylized design diva swirl
batgirl stylized design yang and yin spidergirl
diva swirl diva swirl dragon dragon
web and spider dolphin dolphin stylized design
mini crown pinky pie leo, tmnt blue waves
butterfly mask mini crown tmnt thomas the engine
blue rose princess blue rose winged heart
dragon minion yoda cheetah eye
puppy puppy canada flag dragon
winged heart green diamond cheetah and puppy beard and moustashe
cheetah spiderman spiderman spiderman
batman cheetah purple flower canada day logo
snake mouth cheetah butterfly mask blue rose
spotted puppy white flower mask princess kitty cat
purple tiger spiderman cheetah red eye design
rainbow swirl rainbow swirl butterfly mask spotted puppy
rainbow swish canada butterfly mask kitty cat snake mouth
kitty cat pink and purple flower spiderman pink flower
rainbow swish maple leaf black stylized design spotted puppy
pink kitty spiderman yellow kitty spiderman
maple leaf spotted puppy pikachu caterpillar and purple flower
spotted puppy butterfly mask cheetah spiderman
black stylized design dolphin rainbow swish spotted puppy
heart w/arrow cupcake blue rose butterfly
turkeys heart w/arrrow daisy train puppy
canadian flags rose train pink crown canadian flags
rainbow swish blue lion pink flower strawberry and blossom
mario spotted puppy diva stylized design
white flower mask cheetah rainbow swish strawberry and blossom
strawberry and blossom split strawberry and blossom canadian flag strawberry
strawberry heart heart winged heart
winged heart winged heart mario and gumba rainbow swish
blue flower black stylized design pink crown pikachu
cheetah batgirl snake shark
rose on the rose queen blue rose unicorn rose
pink crown blue rose dragon dolphin
butterfly pink flower train butterfly kitty cat
dolphins dolphins TMNT unicorn
black unicorn web and spider diva diva
blue eye designs cheetah eye blue rose yoda and puppy
butterfly puppy pink crown cheetah
moonlight eye puppy double lid moonlight eyes yin yang with snakes
batman unicorn pink flower mindcraft
batman cheetah candy skull cheetah
Olaf Olaf Olaf Elsa
Anna kitty cat spiderman and diva blue rose
batman blue flower unicorn red designer eyes
rainbow swish black kitty pink crown dragon cheek
butterfly mask demon dragon cheek white flower mask
tmnt dolphin spiderman pink crown
cheek dragon butterfly batgirl pink stylized design
cheetah butterfly mask cheetah eye cheek dragon
pink flower moonlight eye pink crown rainbow swish
pink crown double dolphin cheetah mask pot of gold
brown puppy spiderman spinderman brown kitty
yin yang with flowers spiderman spiderman brown kitty
kitty kitty nose rainbow blue eye designs
butterflymask monochrome rainbow yin yang and snakes flower train
blue bpiderman flowered eye accent cheetah blue flower
winged heart cheetah dolphin
demon kooky cookie wolf caterpillar
giraffe ladybug crocodile bumble bee
princess crown cupcake pinky pie puppy
black batman mask kitty purple tiger rainbow/butterfly
hearts eye design joker blue eye design winged heart
bunny kitty mindcraft puppy nose
dragon mask skull reverse paul stanley pokemon ball
2016 blue rose toy soldier
snowflakes snake noel snake season's greetings
pointsettia pointsettia tree ornament holly and berries
snowman Rudolph holly and berries blue rose
pink flare ladybug rose ladybug
teddy bear princess dolphin blue rose
floral mask night eye design dolphin blue rose and butterfly
mario and gumba pumpkin cheek daisy trail rainbow swoosh
blue tiger dragon mask little butterfly colourful cheetah
web with flowers little butterfly red eyes flower mask
blue flare dragon toilet pikachu
cheetah cheetah cheetah dragon mask
puppy face blue tiger red eyes winged heart
half a cheetah colourful butterfly mask purple tiger princess
yellow butterfly mask blue eye designs robin web with flowers
squirtle rainbow swoosh cheetah skull with bow
rainbow swoosh princess princess cheetah
wolverine princess blue tiger princess
cheetah cheetah princess pikachu and ball
TMNT  Raphiel yin yang with snakes zebra eye cheetah
tribute to her mom going through cancer cheetah eye purple side flare dolphin
dragon mask dream catcher pink butterfly mask cheetah eye
blue rose cheetah spiderman dice and yin yang with snakes
yin yang pizza captain america dreamcatcher
night eye design pink flowers cheetah eye wolfy
gargoyle batman spiderman blue rose
babys first nose and whiskers puppy night eye design flower trail
puppy little pink flare grey bunny dragon
yin yang with snakes dragon winged heart red heart
dolphin red heart pink flower brown puppy
heart and flower dragon green flare with bling puppy face
princess sylized black little whale pink flower
mini rainbow swoosh heart blue rose mario face
rainbow swoosh dinosaur pink butterfly mask blue kitty man
flower trail blue rose spiderman yellow flare
purple flowers dolphin winged heart night eye design
dolphin spiderman dragon very happy pink flower
mario spider candy skull batman
spider night eye design pink heart pink flower
blue eye design puppy mouth goomba bluejays logo
Thomas the Train dolphin princess giraffe
pink flower turtle little butterfly pink whale
mouth shark pikachu and ball flower mask dragon face
large dolphin bluerose spiderman spiderman
spiderman white dolphin dragon batman
rose crown cheetah mask lion cheetah mask
joker / scary clown flower mask spiderman spiderman
spiderman puppy siblings spiderman little web with spider
spiderman dolphin joker / scary clown spider and web
big purple flare big pink flare daisy trail pink flare
spiderman pink flower minion batman
mouth snake web with flowers cheetah mask TMNT - raphiel
little butterfly dragon rose crown unicorn
little butterfly cupcake cupcake cupcake
dice dolphin cupcake dolphin
winged heart joker / scary clown blue rose pink flowers
flower mask cheeky monkey pink butterfly mask stylized black
bling only for her first paint tattoo pink flare orange cheetah eye pink flower
half skull pink cheetah mask winged heart dalmation puppy
hello kitty grey kitty deadpool cheetah
batman princess WWE Kane princess
wolfy batman blue rose blue rose
blue rose butterfly mask red eyes dolphin
flowered web dragon batman diva
gumba mario dolphin cupcake
princess spiderman puppy cheetah
johm deere tractor batman darthvader princess
micheangelo TMNT tiger stormtrooper flower
blue rose blue rose rose heart
bumble bees batman princess diva
mario winged heart kitty kitty
red eyes diva blue rose ladybug
flower rose kitty yin/yang and snakes
mario blue rose winged heart rose
rose wolfy blue rose spidergirl
lucky clover something pretty batman flowered web
butterfly mask dragon  cheek dragon diva
puppy butterfly wildcat black graphic design
blueroses winged heart little diva blueroses
cheetah eye diva cupcake lucky clover
lucky clover daisy trail little princess st. patricks day helper
blue panther wolfy candy skull Raphial TMNT
2015 lama
blue diva double eye design leopard cub spiderman
purple diva shark cheek raspberry cupcake batgirl
rose princess spidergirl with bling leg tattoo princess zombie
killer dog crazy clown side unicorn side unicorn
webbed pink candy skull monochrome webbed candy skull cheek butterfly kitty cat
modern joker dragon mask candy skull girls dolphins
kitty cat pirate kitty cat kitty cat
pokeman character pink spotted leopard deadpool modern joker
just a little make up just a little make up a little ladybug whitch on each check and red rose in between
butterfly princess little princess side web with spider just a little made up
kat haunted high blue flare webbed candy skull Elsa
killer clown webed eyes pink witch with flowered face blue horned demon mask
dragon profile winged pink heart sunflower musical notes
pink butterfly mask eye design, stylized black blue flower owl
open mind caterpiller pink and blue unicorn little spider
red rose tmnt - leonardo cupcake snake over mouth
dolphin pink diva something pretty stylized black
cupcake unicorn little blue rose cheetah eye
blue flower red rose multi coloured flower train little butterfly
yoda pink rose blue heart with wings blue heart
stylized black little ladybug pink rose blue tiger
hindi influenced design face hanging on face hanging on musical notes
my fm, simcoe radio staion logo blue  eye design little rose red flower train
challenged to copy orchid from her sandle. stylized black with orange daisy train three friends having a fun day
Trishs skull blue flair forhead web with three spiders
stylized black stylized black side web with spider dice and snakes
little butterfly little butterfly dragon mask unicorn
butterfly mask daisy with a ladybug unicorn little butterfly
batman mask dragon mask batman and robin little diva with some bling
batman mask dragon mask little butterfly batman mask
kitty wolverine mask blue diva hulk
snake butterfly tiger unicorn
pumpkin face pumpkinface 2 skull mario
butterfly mask flower puppy mario
shark flower spiderman pumkin
little bee shark matching flower trains bumble bee
ying yang with snakes dice red eyes shark
dragon unicorn flower mask spider and web
teddy bear cheetah boy repellant blue rose
kitty rose trail butterfly dragon
batman spiderman puppy my little pony - balloons
eye design my senset unicorn winged heart
tiger grafitti butterfly cheetah eye
flowers and rose swirls winged heart yoda
angel butterfly spiderman spiderman 2
diva scull bumble bee heart and flower
face snake rainbow sweap a cheetah eye butterfly
blue rose stylized flower string pink and black stylized swirls mario and gumba
side web with spiders and flowers something pretty something pretty side daisy
save firemans park flower side web with spider cupcake
pink puppy pink butterfly face heart and flower diva trio
puppybatman blue butterfly face angel
heart flower flower heart
heart flower puppy something pretty
coralines button eyes flower tattoo spiderman flower string
dragon diva dragon heart and flower
batman daisy string clover string dolphin
diva and flower string spider flower cupcake
spiderman side web with spider flower kitten
pink butterfly face panda forhead web flower string
diva dragon shark pink butterfly face
blue butterfly face pink butterfly face canada day sisters diva
blue butterfly face angel angel diva
little ladybug dragon puppy mouth dragon
butterfly cupcake batman mask side web with spider
diva angel butterfly chuck-angry birds
kitten snake mouth batman mask red-angry birds
blue butterfly face flower string pink butterfly face dragon
kitten spot puppy face puppy face diva
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